Friday, September 23, 2005

This will be short. I’m playing hookie from the second day of the Lab specialty today just to catch up on sweater orders and get ready for two more shows this weekend in Goshen, CT. I did a Labrador Retriever Specialty yesterday in No. Stonington, CT and it was fun meeting people in another breed. It was especially good because I was able to let people know that I am writing The Crafty Labrador Retriever – Knits book. I took some candids for the book and connected with people who will contribute some stories.

But, I’m tired and since I came home to more orders yesterday, decided I needed to get some designing done, yarn ordered, and all the little things accomplished that keeps the sweaters going.

Tomorrow and Sunday, I’ll be off to Goshen which is a site I enjoy and the weather should be perfect – sunny and in the low 70’s. It will be the first all breed show since The Crafty Samoyed – Knits came out so this will be the first chance that many of the exhibitors will get to see it.

I really enjoyed the salute to the Samoyed that was in the Congressional Record. We aren’t the only ones that think what Sheila and Walter did was terrific.
“SAMOYEDS STRUT STUFF IN OWENSBORO -- (Senate - September 22, 2005)
[Page: S10370] GPO's PDF
Mr. McCONNELL. Mr. President, it was President Harry Truman who observed, half a century ago, that ``if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.'' That is perhaps a little harsh. Nevertheless, I note that many of my colleagues in the Congress are dog fanciers, and the Senate is a strikingly dog-friendly workplace. So it is fitting that we pay tribute to a renowned people-friendly breed of dog: the Samoyed. Legendary for their beauty, friendly spirit and heroic and historic treks to the North and South Poles, Samoyeds pulled the adventurers of yesteryear to new frontiers.
Several hundred Samoyeds and their humans will be pulling into Owensboro, KY, in October for the Samoyed Club of America's ``Simply Southern'' National Specialty. While I am pleased that these noble dogs and their guardians will be visiting the Commonwealth, it is, sadly, because of Hurricane Katrina's devastation in Biloxi, MS, where the event was originally scheduled to be held. So the SCA Specialty this year is a hurricane evacuee, but in addition to contributing over $10,000 from show proceeds to animal rescue in the devastated region, the organizers look forward to going back to a rebuilt and newly vibrant gulf coast in the future. ……”

I think they are going to like us being there.

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