Monday, September 19, 2005

We now have a new site for the SCA National Specialty in Owensboro, KY and it looks as though everything will work out beautifully thanks to an incredible effort on the part of this year's committee. They've been helped by volunteers in that area and it should come off smoothly.

I still have a lot of shows to do before leaving for the National. This week I have a new Labrador Retriever Specialty in North Stonington, Connecticut, their first independent show, on Thursday and Friday and then two all-breed shows at the other end of the state in Goshen, CT on Saturday and Sunday. Since the Lab book is the next to be published, this should work out well. I hope to find people who will tell me what it's like working their Labs in all the activities that are in the book. I've roughed out the stories, but they are so much better when there is the first hand experience of someone truly involved.

This year’s Rescue Quilt is up on for all to see. It’s one of the quilts that will be in my book The Crafty Samoyed – Quilts that will be out next year.

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