Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sadness, Happiness, and New Challenges

Those who know me know that my life revolves around my dogs. So it is with sadness that I had to say goodby to my beautiful Champion Westerness Arwen Karu who at only 10 years of age had gotten cancer. Her children miss her as I do since not only was she beautiful inside and out, but she was the leader. But as I have learned over the many years I've been in dogs, the time we have with them is a gift. We bring them into the world and see them out and I held her as she was born and as she died. Her children who I have here, Harry Potter, Seamus, and Brigid are all a delight and just as beautiful as their mother.

Birth also keeps me busy. My friend Kathy Queen's Newfoundland, Moriah, took a leave from her work as part of Connecticut Canine Search and Rescue to have 10 puppies. There were 7 blacks and 3 Landseerers. Due to complications they had to be hand fed which meant all dog friends got to roll up their sleeves and pitch in. But it was worth every minute since they are all big beautiful babies. And do I mean big! For someone
who is use to Samoyeds, a Newf pup who is 10 lbs. at 5 weeks of age is an armful. You lift 10 of them to have their portraits taken and you really feel it.

Mariah is beginning to enjoy them more now that they want to play. They are quite a handful now. Though a number will be going to show homes, hopefully there is a future search dog among them to work with mom.

Knitting is ongoing here, but the sweater patterns will soon be made available through knitting shops around the country. Since Peggy has designed over 100 breeds, that gives practically everyone who knits a chance to create one of these sweaters. It might just be the insentive to get people to start knitting. It is the fastest growing craft out there now.

So keep checking with your local yarn shop and they'll be available soon. In the mean time, if you're impatient, you can order them from Kanine Knits directly by email or phone numbers posted at

And not to be outdone with patterns brochures, and sweaters to knit for clients, the finishing touches are being put on the next in the crafty dog book series, The Crafty Labrador Retriever - Knits. This is being revised and proof read but will be coming out soon with many patterns of Labs hunting, showing in breed, in obedience and agility, with even excited Labs going all out in flyball. It's tons of fun and lots of knitting. Watch for the announcement on the webpage as soon as the publication date is set. I've be lucky to have some wonderful people working on this with me.