Thursday, January 19, 2006

A New Year Has Begun

Well, the holidays are over so I getting back on an even keel. Most people think of this time of year as time off, whereas if you create handmade garments for those who love to give them to doglovers for Christmas, this is crunch time.

January brought a trip to Tampa last week to show my sweaters at the AKC Eukanuba National Championship. It was a delight to have so many people who have bought my sweaters in the past come and tell me how much they liked them. Some even came to model them and tell their friends where they got them. The best recomendation is a satisfied client.
I was able to talk to people about the new books that are being written. I would show them the sample of The Crafty Samoyed - Knits and then told them what I was doing with the Lab, Golden, Corgi, Newf, Bichon books and telling them also that I'm looking for photos to include of all these dogs. The books are scheduled to be published during the spring and summer, with the designs ready and only the lack of photos holding things back. I'm still looking for photos of these dogs doing hunting, agility, obedience, herding, retrieving, water rescue, etc.
The National Championship was laid out differently this year where I, with many of the vendors, was on the first floor and all the judging on the third floor. What this meant was that I didn't get to see any of the judging. I was delighted, though, that BIS went to that beautiful Malamute "Costello" who was breeder/owner/handled. For those of us who show in bred-by, this was a wonderful achievement. Of course it helped that he was a truly magnificent Mal.
Taking first place in the Meet the Breed competition, the Samoyed booth was a true winner as they have been in the past. The Florida sammy fanciers really knock themselves out to represent the breed in all its traditions. This year they were even in costume that set the theme.
One has only to look at these scenes to travel to the frozen north and the homes of the Sammy people.
The painted backdrop was outstanding. My favorite part was the almost mystical drawing of the Samoyed headstudy that seemed to be looking down from the northern lights on our Sams today.

This was a job well done and the team is to be congratulated. The public truly understood the world of the Samoyed.

I got to meet some of the stars of the show. The beautiful Bichon that went BOS came to visit my booth and show me that a beautiful smile is worth a million.

I also got to know Doodle the wonderful standard poodle who won an ACE Award for working with children who have special needs. This is quite a dog.

So now I'm home and knitting and writing the knitting books that need to be to the printer soon. Never a dull minute.

Enjoy the photos.