Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wishing all the best of the Season to Everyone from Kanine Knits.

This has been a good year with the appearance of two new books, 

The Crafty Cat Knits with its dozen charted designs of different cats which 

and with the newest book,

The Crafty Llama and Alpaca Knits which is a celebration of these
wonderful camelids and which contains twenty designs. This latest book can

Kanine Knits 
presents its latest book
The Crafty Llama and Alpaca Knits

The Crafty Llama and Alpaca Knits is a new knitting book coming out from publisher Kanine Knits at the end of December. The book, by author/designer Peggy Gaffney, was inspired when a group of llama and alpaca breeders approached her last fall at Stitches East.

She was there autographing books in her series of dog portrait knitting books. They wanted to know if she would be willing to create a book, in a style similar to her Crafty Dog Knits series, for those who breed, show and love llamas and alpacas. They pointed out that not only was it a wonderful topic but, "We've got yarn!!!"

            So, after many months of research and hobnobbing with these wonderful camelids, the book is being published. It is publisher Kanine Knits policy to give their fans a chance to order new releases at a discount prior to them coming off the press. They are the first ones to receive the book plus they save money. So The Crafty Llama and Alpaca Knits is now available to be ordered at a 20% discount till the end of December. 2010. After that it will be available at the regular price.
To find out more about this offer, to see inside the book and to learn more about Peggy Gaffney and her books published by Kanine Knits, visit the website http://thecraftyllamaandalpacaknits.com