About Peggy Gaffney

Hi, I'm Peggy Gaffney - Author, Designer, Publisher at Kanine Knits Books    

Author Peggy Gaffney has created a unique line with her Crafty Dog Knits books as well as similar books for Cats as well as Llamas and Alpacas for pet lovers who knit. 

With the dog series she takes a single breed, writes about the activities that makes that dog distinctive and then creates a series of portrait knitting charts to be worked into sweaters and accessories. She more than 40 years experience showing Samoyed dogs and has worked as a professional knitting designer of custom sweaters since 1995. As well as the nine Crafty Pets Knitting Books,she markets more than 100 different individual single breed knitting patterns in her Portraits of Dogs in Knitting Series. These are available along with the books from publisher Kanine Knits. 

Peggy Gaffney also has written about her experience building and independent publishing company in the book, "Do It Yourself Publishing Nonfiction in Your Spare Time". It is a step-by-step guide showing how to use the modern tools of publishing. 
She is available as a speaker on multiple topics to do with crafts as well as publishing and as a teacher and workshop instructor. 

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