Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Back From the National

Well, this was probably one of the best Samoyed Club of America National Specialties. It overcame the odds and in a last moment race managed to move from the devestated show site in Biloxi to the lovely setting on the banks of the Ohio River in Owensboro, KY. The entry was 900 which made our the 8th largest National in the country. This shows our devotion to our breed which is not large in number with only about 1200 members in SCA.

Many old friends were there. Not only were there friends that came from the Northeast such as Tom Delaney and Marion McNeil, but also those from around the country.

The sweaters got a lot of raves. The two new styles, the Christmas design and the puppies on the sled both got raves. I even had time to teach a short class on spinning so that people could take all that dog hair and turn it into yarn that can be worked into sweaters.
With The Crafty Samoyed- Knits those who are knitters have tons of designs on which to practice.

The bitch judging by Annie Clark was excellent with very difficult choices. I may be slightly bias but I must say that the girls at the show out shown the boys in both type and structure.

It was so nice to find connections to the dogs that won. Judy Davis, an old friend, gave us a beautiful young bitch in Yukons Classy Chassis as WB. This was Judy's first National win even though she has been in SCA forever as I have. The winner's bitch's littermate Wintermist's Yukon Heaven won the 9-12 class so it was such a wonderful winning day for Judy.

As to the WD Cabaka's Yacker of McCoy it was a dog from Denmark whose great-grandfather is the father of my young dogs. Cabaka's Yacker Of McCoy went BOW.When I looked at him it is like looking at my guys who were back home.

Susan Thorpe-Vargas had a good show when she tried showing her own 9-12 puppy dog RUSLAN'S FILM'D IN BLAK N' WHYT herself. With great style they moved about the ring and the fact that Susan was in a motorized chair and her puppy so well trained that he always gaited evenly and stacked himself. It was so impressive that they place third in their class. It was an excellent example of the wonderful Samoyed temperament.

BISS went to Ch. Echo's Perfectly Clear (Dasani), a bitch while Best Opposite went to Ch. Echo's Just A Dreamer (Sullie) so it was a case of ladies rule.

But the sentimental favorite of the National was the absolutely beautiful veteran bitch CH MOONLIGHTERS IMA ALMOND JOY. What a treat to see her showing to beat the band and looking as though she were 3-4 years old instead of her 12+. She held up beautifully and was awarded an AOM. She is what our breed is all about.

For all the results go to

I had a great time seeing all my old friends. I even got to have my booth next to the quilt I designed for the rescue raffle. A group of us who are quilters that got together back in 1997 have been able to create a quilt to be raffled off each year to raise money for rescue. Considering that we are a small group, only about 8 in number, we have managed in our own small way to raise thousands of dollars over the years and helped countless Sams.

So the National is now just a memory, but it's a wonderful one. Thanks to Sheila and Walter, our fine chairmen, this will go in the annals as a great one.


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Wonderful blogspot, Peg. I Owe you a mail. Great to see you again courtesy the SCA NationAL.