Monday, April 05, 2010

Martha Loves Kanine Knits

I was delighted when this tweet appeared on Twitter. It is so rewarding when someone whose work you really respect gives you praise. The event where the photo was taken was Stitchfest at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia in NYC.

I was lucky enough last Thursday, to attend a unique book launch. Martha Stewart was bringing out her newest book, Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Craft. There were several hundred eager crafters getting their first look at the book, and the demonstrations of the crafts included, plus a chance to do some themselves. In areas around the room, which was huge, experts demonstrated several crafts and invited everyone to sit down and do it themselves. The feeling was festive, with both experts and attendees enjoying the event and talking to everyone was Martha Stewart along with all the members of MSLO who help with the wonderful work she does.

As a member of MSLO Dreamers into Doers, I had met some of those involved, but I was delighted to be introduced to some attendees including David Blumenthal and Karen Tanaka from Lion Brand Yarn, a wonderful company which has been around since 1878. Their yarns are found everywhere.

I got to chat with Martha and spent time with Hannah Milman, executive editorial dir. of Martha Stewart Living. As you might imagine, the crafts department is my favorite. The care and intense attention to detail given to every project in the magazine, books or show is amazing. I am in awe.

In the meantime I may take a few hours to play hooky and do some of the wonderful crafts in this book as I enjoy spring. The weather has finally warmed up and here it is a combination of sunshine and mud. In between washing dogs on rotation, the back can't take doing more than one at a time, I am pushing to get the designs finished for the next two books about cats and llamas & alpacas. They will be coming out soon.

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